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We offer a wide range of humidors! From big to small we have what you are looking for!

Elie Bleu


Elie Bleu of Paris has long been renowned as the maker of the world's best humidors. These "objects de luxe" not only do a superb job of storing and aging your cigars but their unique designs, colors, and stunning veneers make for gorgeous works of art guaranteed to bring you visual pleasure for years to come. All wood for Elie Bleu humidors is open air cured for a minimum of ten years to eliminate the possibility of sapping, cracking or warping. No other humidor can match Elie Bleu's quality, durability, and beauty and each box ensures heirloom potential and reliability for generations of use. 



The Prometheus brand was created in 1992 and named after Prometheus from the Greek mythology, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humans.


Prometheus has become a true global brand whose products are now sold at finest cigar shops in 25 countries. The Prometheus products are known worldwide for their superb quality, and stylish modern designs. This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. We could not have done it without your support and encouragement.



Once again Ashton has raised the bar! Our Savoy Humidors are out of this world. When it comes to the value versus price equation, these humidors are truly tough to beat. A beautiful selection of high-quality wood veneers shine atop fragrant Spanish cedar interiors. Also new are our handy Wood Travel Humidors.




Mastro De Paja's production lies in the hands of the artisans whose artistic background was formed at the School of Fine Arts and Academy of Urbino, the famous Raffael's city.
The knowledge of wood, great craftmanship experience, the taste in design, the selection and combination of colors, as well as being antentionally limited, create a final result of:




One of the great names in cigars has now become one of the great names in humidors. Made possible by partnering with Manning of Ireland, acknowledged as master humidor makers around the world, Ashton now participates in the creation and sole distribution of these most exquisite handcrafted humidors.


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