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Impressive lighters famous for their Old Boy lighter design, IM Corona Lighters are famous for their premium quality. IM Corona has been constructing beautiful and dependable lighters since 1933. Amazing lighters for both pipe and cigar smokers, we are proud at eLighters to offer a wide selection of their magnificent lighters made in Japan.

XIKAR: Cigar Cutters & Lighters


XIKAR is dedicated to providing value through honest and ergonomic design at a fair price. Honest design includes consideration of function, ergonomic comfort with simple, clean lines and lack of superfluous decoration on the product. Good design will enhance a users visual, tactile and mechanical experience with XIKAR products.

XIKAR originated from the word sikar, which is said to be the first Spanish spelling of the Taino word for cigar. The Tainos were the indigenous populations of Hispaniola and Cuba, where Columbus first landed when he discovered the "New World", and tobacco along with it. We changed the S to an X (representing 2 blades) and had the X cut the i, like a cutter clipping a cigar!



For over 10 years, Cyril Brizard has designed accessories for the distinguished cigar aficionado. These luxurious items have been created with the utmost care by expert craftsmen with materials of the highest quality. Whether you are searching for a lighter, a case, or an ashtray, Brizard & Co. is sure to have what you need. Even cigarette smokers will find accessories for their chosen pastime. So go ahead and browse through our selection of Brizard & Co. items to find the one that is right for you.




Prometheus has become a true global brand whose products are now sold at finest cigar shops in 25 countries. The Prometheus products are known worldwide for their superb quality, and stylish modern designs. 




When you think of the name Lotus, most people automatically think of something that is a pure work of art, whether natural or created by expert craftsmen.

The Lotus flower is highly desired for its beauty and is rich scent. Its petals are perfectly shaped and its colors are vibrant and perfectly balanced, lending itself very well to the garden or within the home to add a touch of brightness and splendid beauty.




Famous for his confidence, Colibri's founder Julius Lowenthal started out with a vision that would transform the world of cigars and launch an international bend. Today the Colibri renaissance brings you the same classic styling and engineering leadership alongside superb modern functionality. 




Simon Tissot-Dupont, the dynasty's founder, was just 25. He was born in Savoy to a family of millers. He was an enterprising and passionate young man who was determined to succeed in Paris. He recruited several talented craftsmen and established a prestigious leather goods workshop. In particular, he manufactured wallets and "maroquins", the attaché-cases of the time, bearing the initials of senior civil servants. He was rapidly successful among Parisian high society. Soon, he became the official supplier to the Magasins du Louvre, which was a reference in the world for luxury accessories at the time.


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